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I am leading the Counsel team (which comprises two other silks and 2 juniors) which is promoting the Crossrail bill through Parliament for the Department for Transport. We completed Commons Select Committee during 2007, had confirmation of government funding from the Prime Minister in the autumn and will beginning House of Lords Select committee hearings in February 2008. The Bill gives powers for the largest rail project since the Victorian period and will provide a much needed new railway into and through central London from east, west and Kent. It has important implications for the economy of London, the South East and therefore the UK as a whole. It involves a large number of controversial development, compensation and other issues – including noise, settlement, heritage, local communities, transport, and environmental assessment. Property issues are in important issue in terms of acquisition, valuation compensation and settlement negotiations. In addition to appearing in committee, I have been advising Government on the many issues raised by the Bill since autumn 2004 and have been heavily involved in the process since then.

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