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In a decision dated 3 March 2017, an inspector granted planning permission to demolish the existing residential buildings at Broadmead House, 10-24 Auriol Road, London, and replace them with a new 5-storey building comprising 24 residential units (Class C3) and related development.

The main issues in the case were (i) whether the proposal would have an unacceptable impact on parking stress in the locality; and (ii) whether the proposal made adequate provision for affordable housing.

The inspector was satisfied that the issue of parking stress could be controlled satisfactorily pursuant to an undertaking offered by the appellant under section 16 of the Greater London Council (General Powers) Act 1974 which would preclude 16 of the 24 units in the development from being able to apply for a parking permit.

The inspector was also persuaded by the appellant’s evidence that it would not be viable for any affordable housing to be provided by the scheme, the Council having not provided any evidence of its own to challenge this assessment.

Gwion Lewis acted for the successful appellant, Permaform Ltd, instructed by Maxwell Winward.

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