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AIT, IJ Herlihy, January 2008

This very sad case relates to ZR, a child from India born with an incredibly rare genetic condition known as Fanconi-Bickel Syndrome (FBS), of which there have been about 100 instances worldwide since 1950. ZR’s life in India was almost impossible: she lacked all mobility, had stunted growth, and was also refused access to schools. Her life was transformed when her condition was correctly diagnosed in the UK, and on accessing the school system here she has flourished academically and in all other ways. Her case has been the subject of an early day motion in Parliament signed by 24 MPs instituted by her local MP, Dianne Abott, a national petition attracting thousands of signatures, and reports on ITN London Tonight. I represented ZR at her AIT hearing in early January 2008, and a decision is awaited.

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