Home > Cases > Port of London Authority v Transport for London [2008] RVR 93

Rights in perpetuity which had compulsorily purchased for the construction of road bridges over riverbed, soil and airspace adjacent to the A13 were valued by the Lands Tribunal at a nominal £50 because it was not possible to rely on comparables which were either river works license settlements under s 67 of the Port of London Act 1968 or compulsory purchase compensation settlements under s 5 of the Land Compensation Act 1961 that may have been settled be convention on the basis of earlier s 567 settlements because there were material distinctions between the assumptions to be made under s 67 and s 5, and the special suitability for construction of the bridges must be disregarded under s 5 (r) 3 and there was no demand r market for the subject rights in a no scheme world.


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