Home > Cases > Hall v Hillingdon LBC [2015] UKUT 606

This was a compensation claim following the acquisition of land near Heathrow to contribute to a park surrounding BA headquarters offices: the land had been acquired under the same CPO as the land in Potter v Hillingdon LBC.  The claimant repeated many of the unsuccessful arguments raised in Potter, in some instances making even more extreme claims.  The Tribunal followed its decision in Potter.  There is an interesting discussion of the planning permission for development in existence in 1948 assumed under s15(3) of the Land Compensation Act 1961 (now repealed).  There was photographic evidence of cottages on the reference land in the 1950s but it was impossible to tell their exact form.  This meant that the assumed planning permission gave the landowner no worthwhile fall-back position for the purposes of negotiating a replacement planning permission.

Richard Langham appeared for the acquiring authority.

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