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On 30 June 2008 Warren J granted to the power generation company E.On and the National Grid an injunction to prevent trespass at Kingsnorth power station Kent during the “Camp for Climate Action” 2008 which is to take place in the vicinity of the power station between 3 and 11 August 2008. The power station has become a focal point for environmental protestors because E.On plans to build on the site the first new coal fired power station in the UK since 1976. On the Camp for Climate Action website there is mention of a day of “mass action” on 9 August in an attempt to shut down the power station with threats of incursions by land, sea and from the air. The injunction was granted despite the fact that the Claimants do not know the identity of any of those who might attempt to trespass. It covers not only the area of the main power station but the airspace above it and an “exclusion zone” of 25 meters surrounding the cooling water intake on the River Medway. Further special directions were given to enable the proceedings and the order to be served by posting them in prominent places around the site and by e-mail.

On 22nd July 2008 Lindsay J extended the area covered by the injunction.

David Holland acted for the Claimants E.On and the National Grid.

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