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The Aarhus Compliance Committee has issued draft findings in communication ACCC/C/2010/53 concerning compliance by the United Kingdom: see http://www.unece.org/fileadmin/DAM/env/pp/compliance/C2010-53/Findings/C53_DraftFindings.pdf

The communication concerned the Edinburgh Tram Network.

The communicants, the Moray Feu Traffic Subcommittee of Lord Moray’s Feuars Committee, alleged that:
1] the City of Edinburgh Council has failed to collect relevant environmental information and to provide relevant environmental information on request.
2] it has been denied meaningful participation with respect to the permanent rerouting of traffic through the residential area of Moray Feu, Edinburgh, in order to make room for the Edinburgh Tram Network.
3] through the use of a private Act of Parliament to approve the tram system, residents of Moray Feu have been denied access to justice regarding a significant infringement on their environment.

The Committee’s draft finding is that the complaints should be upheld only in respect of 1] on the basis that certain raw data requested from the City Council should have been provided.

James Maurici appeared for the United Kingdom in the proceedings.

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