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On Thursday 23rd March Landmark Chambers is holding a breakfast seminar on the new Aarhus costs rules which came into force on 28th February 2017.

The rule changes follow a consultation Costs Protection in Environmental Claims Proposals to revise the costs capping scheme for eligible environmental challenge in 2015. The changes are significant both in terms of scope and the protection offered. This seminar will explore issues arising under these new rules.

The topics covered include:

  • Scope: What cases (and claimants) are now covered? – James Maurici QC
  • The new financial disclosure requirements – Richard Turney
  • The incorporation of the Edwards principles   and varying caps – Matthew Dale-Harris
  • Other issues (transitional provisions, multiple   parties, costs when Aarhus protection  challenged) – Heather Sargent
  • Legal challenges to the Aarhus rules: the role   of the ACCC; Venn (CO/2996/2016) and FoE,  Client Earth – Hannah Gibbs

David Elvin QC is chairing.



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