Landmark offers up to three London-based pupillages of twelve months duration each year, during which time our pupils benefit from high-quality and constructive training in all of Chambers’ complementary practice areas.

  • Structure of Pupillage :

    The pupillage year is divided into four seats of three months each. During the first three seats, we offer our pupils experience in all of Chambers’ complementary practice areas. For the final seat each pupil is given an opportunity to express a preference as to the practice area in which they are interested in receiving further training, and the pupil recruited via. Phase 1 will be encouraged to take a fourth seat with one of the members of our Property Team.

    Throughout the year we will encourage you to work for a cross-section of Chambers’ members and we will arrange for our Silks to act as your satellite supervisors on a more complex cases. This will allow you to see a wide variety of work and take advantage of Landmark’s unique position as a leading specialist set, with significant overlap between its private law and public law practices. In your second six months you will also be offered opportunities to appear in court on your own account, usually in the County Court or First-Tier Tribunal.

    We are committed to providing our pupils with high-quality and constructive training. To that end, you will receive regular feedback from your pupil supervisors and, at the end of the first and third seats, you will be invited to participate in formal feedback sessions with the Chair and Secretaries of our Pupillage Committee. Finally, our pupils participate in, and receive feedback in relation to, three written and one oral advocacy assessment during their pupillage year.

    The tenancy decision is taken on individual merit and is usually made after the first three seats of pupillage. Having taken on seven of nine pupils across the past three years, we have an excellent retention rate. However, if we are not able to offer you tenancy at the end of your pupillage, we have a good record of assisting our former pupils in finding third six pupillages or tenancies elsewhere.

  • Making an Application :

    Landmark Chambers participates in the Bar Council’s Pupillage Gateway system.  If you wish to apply to undertake a pupillage in our Chambers, please note the timetable below:

    January 2021 – applications may be made through the Gateway
    February 2021 – the Gateway application window closes
    March 2021 – Landmark shortlisting process and first round assessments
    April 2021 – Landmark first and second interviews
    May 2021 – Offers of pupillage for 2022.

    If you have any questions about either phase of the application process, please email: pupillage@landmarkchambers.co.uk

    Privacy Policy

    Landmark respects your privacy and seeks to protect your personal data. Our Employee, Mini Pupil and Candidate Data Protection Policy describes how we gather and use your data when you make an application to Chambers. Landmark’s general Privacy Policy can be found here.

  • Equality, Diversity and Wellbeing :

    Chambers is committed to the furtherance of equality and diversity at the Bar. We are an equal opportunities employer and run a number of initiatives designed to promote equality, diversity and wellbeing. To find out more and read about why Landmark has recently been awarded a Wellbeing at the Bar Certificate of Recognition from the Bar Council, please visit our Equality, Diversity and Wellbeing page.

To provide our candidates with further information about Landmark’s areas of expertise and pupillage programme, a number of our members have contributed to the four videos shown below. Each video covers a range of topics, including the recommendations that we have for making the most out of your pupillage application and building your practice, what everyday life is like as a specialist practitioner, and the most interesting cases that our pupil barristers, junior Counsel and Silks have worked on.





“Landmark really cares about their pupils, and that’s what makes their pupillage such fantastic preparation for tenancy”.

Matthew Fraser, Junior Counsel

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