Property Moot Competition

Landmark Chambers’ Property Moot has proved to be a thoroughly enjoyable and educational experience from the first round through to the Grand Final. Taking part in the competition has allowed me to learn about Landmark Chambers and the types of work that its members undertake. I have also had the chance to argue interesting and new areas of law, make new friends and contacts, and was lucky enough to moot in the Royal Courts of Justice before Mr Justice Holgate. Adam Walton, University of York

Our annual Property Moot Competition provides students who are particularly interested in property law with an opportunity to develop their understanding of the subject and to gain some insight into the realities of practice through meeting members of Landmark’s Property Team.

The competition comprises of three knock-out rounds followed by a Grand Final, which traditionally takes place at the Royal Courts of Justice. The two individual competitors who obtain the highest scores in the Grand Final will each be awarded £500 and the opportunity to undertake a mini-pupillage in Chambers.

Property Moot Competition Mailing List

If you are an LLB student and would like your university to be contacted with the details of next year’s competition in July 2019 then please send an email to to register your interest

Please note that Landmark Chambers will only accept one team per University and would therefore prefer to be contacted by a member of faculty or the person responsible for the organisation of external moots.

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