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Previously, I had only seen advocacy at the Criminal Bar, so attending hearings in such a different environment was not only enlightening, but deeply enjoyable. Seeing a case undergo thorough examination at the Court of Appeal is a rare treat for anyone, particularly where the matter concerned demanded understanding of a complex and nuanced area of law. More broadly, the dynamism of the placement meant I never found myself repeating any aspect of the week. I was continuously challenged and presented with different aspects of work within Landmark that kept the placement fresh and enjoyable throughout the five-day period. Jack Thorp, University of Hull

Landmark runs a comprehensive mini-pupillage programme from Chambers’ offices in London, taking up to 60 students per annum for a period of three to five days’ duration.

Structure of Mini-Pupillage

During your mini-pupillage, you will be supervised by a junior member of Chambers who will be responsible for ensuring that you participate in a broad cross-section of work.

We will place you with a practitioner who specialises in at least one area of expertise in which you are interested and, in doing so, give you the opportunity to explore what life is like at the junior end of the Bar. Where possible, we will also arrange for a more senior member to act as your satellite supervisor on more complex cases.

Our mini-pupillages are designed to provide students with valuable insight into the realities of life at the Bar and improve your understanding of how our areas of expertise operate in practice. We do not therefore assess our mini-pupils in any way and our placements do not form part of our selection process.

Making an Application

We run three mini-pupillage intakes per annum and offer between 15 and 20 students a placement during each. The first intake takes place in February and March, the second in May and June, and the third in October and November.

Before making any application, please consult the table below, as applications for each intake will only be accepted within the relevant application window and any applications from ineligible candidates will not be included in the shortlisting process.

IntakeApplication WindowEligibility
February and March1 August to 30 November
  • First and second year LLB students.
  • Students who are undertaking a non-legal undergraduate course.
  • Existing professionals with a non-legal background who are considering undertaking a LLB or GDL.
May and June1 December to 28 February
  • Third year LLB students.
  • Any applicant who is undertaking, or has obtained, a legal postgraduate (including a GDL).
  • Applicants who are on, or have completed, the Bar Professional Training Course.
  • Existing professionals with a legal background.
October and November1 March to 31 July
  • Third year LLB students.
  • Any applicant who is undertaking, or has obtained, a legal postgraduate (including a GDL).
  • Applicants who are on, or have completed, the Bar Professional Training Course.
  • Existing professionals with a legal background.

To make an application, please send the following documents to minipupillage@landmarkchambers.co.uk:

Corporate Social Responsibility

Landmark Chambers believes that it’s important to ensure that students from all backgrounds are able to undertake their mini-pupillage at minimal expense to themselves and, in doing so, improve social mobility at, and access to, the Bar.

Chambers therefore offers all mini-pupils a maximum reimbursement of £100 for reasonable travel and lunch expenses. Additionally, Landmark operates a discretionary accommodation funding scheme for students visiting from outside of London.

Successful applicants will be advised as to how they can make use of this funding scheme upon acceptance of their placement.

Equality and Diversity

Chambers is committed to the furtherance of equality and diversity at the Bar. We are an equal opportunities employer and run a number of initiatives designed to promote equality, diversity and wellbeing. To find out more and read about why Landmark has recently been awarded a Wellbeing at the Bar Certificate of Recognition from the Bar Council, please visit our Equality, Diversity and Wellbeing page.

Privacy Policy

Landmark respects your privacy and seeks to protect your personal data. Our Employee, Mini Pupil and Candidate Data Protection Policy describes how we gather and use your data when you make an application to Chambers. Landmark’s general Privacy Policy can be found here.

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