Home > News > Lord Carnwath’s Submission to the Ministry of Justice Consultation following Lord Faulks’ Independent Review of Administrative Law

Lord Carnwath’s submission to the Ministry of Justice has been quoted extensively in Joshua Rozenberg’s article “Don’t Mess With the Judges: They know which reforms work and which don’t”.

Lord Carnwath states that the Ministry of Justice has put forward “muddled and inconclusive” reasons for seeking to limit the powers of the courts. He praises Lord Faulks and his panel for producing “a thorough and objective account of the modern practice of judicial review”, and suggests that, if further reform is thought necessary on any issues, it should be referred to the Law Commission, “which (unlike the Ministry) has the independence, authority and legal expertise to carry out a proper study and propose appropriate solutions”.

Lord Carnwath’s full response to the consultation can be downloaded here.


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