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The London Borough of Camden has agreed that an experimental traffic order (“ETO”) it made on 23 November 2020, covering Haverstock Hill and the surrounding area, should be quashed. The ETO would have led to works to increase cycling capacity but removal of a significant amount of resident parking.

The claim was brought by Amit Shah, a local resident who was concerned about the adverse impact on disabled and elderly residents, as well as the impact on local businesses. The claim centred around the lack of engagement with local residents and businesses prior to the ETO being made.

The claim was brought on two legal bases. First, that updated statutory guidance from the Department of Transport required engagement with local residents and businesses prior to an ETO being made, which was not carried out. Second, the scheme was in reality a permanent scheme and not one that was an “experiment”.

Following the claim being issued, the Council agreed to withdraw the ETO, and subsequently agreed to an order quashing the ETO.

Leon Glenister acted for the claimant, instructed by Lisa Foster of Richard Buxton Solicitors. For reports in the local press, please see further here and here.

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