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Knowle Care Ltd (part of the Cinnamon Care Group) has secured permission on appeal for an extra-care (C2) facility in the Solihull Green Belt.

The Inspector concluded that the scheme would be inappropriate development but that there were very special circumstances to justify the grant of permission, principally a clear need for new care provision and a lack of alternative sites. The Inspector also considered the extant and emerging policy position in Solihull: the adopted development plan makes no provision for specialist housing provision and whilst the emerging plan looks to remedy this, it is still at EiP and so carries only limited weight.  The key takeaways for would-be Green Belt developers are that these three issues (need, alternative sites and policy failure) are likely to be critical to the prospects of success in any VSC case.

Robert Walton QC advised and acted for Knowle Care Ltd throughout the appeal process, instructed by Rob Gardner of Avison Young.  Avison Young also presented the needs, alternative site assessment and planning evidence at the appeal.

To access the Appeal Decision, please visit the following link.

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