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Compulsory Purchase and Compensation

Compulsory Purchase  

Landmark’s barristers regularly promote large scale CPOs on behalf of the full range of public bodies in a wide range of settings. From taking the HS2 bill through Parliament (led by Tim Mould QC with Jacqueline Lean and Richard Turney); to DCOs and TWAOs for major transport projects; to large scale regeneration CPOs under planning and/or housing powers, Landmark has a significant number of QCs and juniors experienced at delivering the most complex and controversial CPOs.

Recent examples include promoting major CPOs at Brent Cross and West Hendon (Neil King QC, Guy Williams and Zack Simons), Croydon Westfield CPOs (David Elvin QC); Hounslow High Street Quarter, Wards Corner, Touchwood Solihull (Tim Corner QC) and the Alma Estate. That established expertise is complemented by a number of other juniors (many on the Government’s A Panel) who have built up strong reputations in the field – notably Katie Helmore, Andrew Byass and Heather Sargent.

Landmark’s barristers regularly represent statutory undertakers, commercial organisations and individuals in resisting CPOs or in seeking adequate protections/mitigations.


Landmark advises and represents claimants and compensating authorities in (often very large) compensation claims, for example relating to the Olympics CPOs, Crossrail and HS2. It has numerous QCs and juniors highly experienced in the statutory and procedural pitfalls and, most importantly, in expert cross-examination on highly technical and complex valuation issues both in the Lands Tribunal and in arbitrations. Expertise in valuation law and practice is a core strength with members regularly advising (and lecturing) on such issues.

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