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In recent years ADR has grown in popularity as an efficient, and cost-effective method for resolving a wide-range of commercial, and property disputes that would traditionally have resulted in court litigation.

There are two common forms of alternative dispute resolution:


In addition to litigation, we provide advice and representation in commercial arbitrations, both in the UK and internationally, and investor-state arbitrations. Several of our barristers are Members or Fellows of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. A number of our senior silks sit as arbitrators in complex and substantial disputes.

Our commercial practice is international, including substantial cases in the last year in the courts of Hong Kong, the Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands as well as arbitration proceedings in Sweden, China and Kenya. Many of our barristers are Associate Members or Fellows of the Hong Kong Institute of Arbitrators, Hong Kong being a jurisdiction with which we have particularly long-standing ties.


Parties to any type of dispute can elect to settle through an informal process called Mediation.  It is a process of structured negotiation facilitated by an independent, qualified, intermediary know as a Mediator.  

It is a voluntary process that requires the consent of both parties and is used as a mechanism to settle a very broad range of legal disputes.  It is common for the details of mediations, including the terms of any agreed settlement to remain private and confidential to the parties involved. 

The following barristers also provide a comprehensive mediation service:

John Male QC
David Elvin QC
Timothy Corner QC
Katharine Holland QC
Tim Morshead QC
Christopher Boyle QC
Dan Kolinsky QC
Tom Weekes QC
Matthew Reed QC
Fiona Scolding QC
Toby Watkin QC
Carine Patry QC
Thomas Jefferies
Camilla Lamont
Aaron Walder
Jonathan Wills
Rupert Cohen

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