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After a two year hiatus to address the Inspector’s interim findings following initial hearings in early 2017, the examination into the North Essex Authorities Local Plan Part 1 – prepared jointly by Tendring District Council, Colchester Borough Council and Braintree District Council to from Part 1 of their respective Local Plans –  commenced today at Colchester United Football Club’s Jobserve Community Stadium. The plan proposes three new garden communities, at Tendring/Colchester Borders, Colchester/Braintree Borders and West of Braintree. The EIP is scheduled to run until 30 January.

Charles Banner QC is appearing on all days of the EIP for L&Q, Gateway 120 and Cirrus, who control the principal interests in the land identified for  the Colchester/Braintree Borders Garden Community (which would include an overall total of 15,000-24,000 homes), instructed by David Churchill of Carter Jonas.

Luke Wilcox is appearing for Lightwood Strategic Land.

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