Home > News > Camilla Lamont appointed to the Independent Decision-making Body (IDB) of the Bar Standards Board with effect from 15 October 2019

Camilla Lamont has been appointed to the Independent Decision-making Body of the BSB as a barrister member with effect from 15 October 2019.  She was previously on the BSB’s Authorisations Review Panel and Vice-Chair of the Qualifications Committee.

The IDB has been created to take independent decisions on relevant regulatory issues including enforcement of the professional obligations of those regulated by the Bar Standards Board, and the authorisation of certain types of individuals and entities to provide legal services.

The IDB is made up of a pool of barristers and lay members. It will take decisions on individual cases with panels of three members being used for authorisations decisions and panels of five for enforcement and disciplinary decisions. Establishing the IDB is the final component of the BSB’s programme to modernise its regulatory decision making.  Most of the decisions the IDB will take will be in relation to whether disciplinary action should be pursued where potential breaches of the professional obligations, as set out in the BSB Handbook, are serious and may amount to professional misconduct.  The IDB will also be responsible for, amongst other things, taking decisions in relation to appeals against executive decisions not to grant waivers from the Handbook requirements or decisions not to authorise or license a body to provide legal services.

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