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Queen's Counsel

David Holland QC (Joint Head of Chambers)
Call: 1986Silk: 2011
Reuben Taylor QC (Joint Head of Chambers)
Call: 1990Silk: 2014
Richard Drabble QC
Call: 1975Silk: 1995
David Elvin QC
Call: 1983Silk: 2000
John Male QC
Call: 1976Silk: 2000
Timothy Corner QC
Call: 1981Silk: 2002
Russell Harris QC
Call: 1986Silk: 2003
Tim Mould QC
Call: 1987Silk: 2006
Neil Cameron QC
Call: 1982Silk: 2009
Paul Brown QC
Call: 1991Silk: 2009
Katharine Holland QC
Call: 1989Silk: 2010
John Litton QC
Call: 1989Silk: 2010
Zia Bhaloo QC
Call: 1990Silk: 2010
David Lock QC
Call: 1985Silk: 2011
Tim Morshead QC
Call: 1995Silk: 2011
Rupert Warren QC
Call: 1994Silk: 2012
Sasha White QC
Call: 1991Silk: 2013
Christopher Boyle QC
Call: 1994Silk: 2013
James Maurici QC
Call: 1996Silk: 2013
David Forsdick QC
Call: 1993Silk: 2014
Dan Kolinsky QC
Call: 1998Silk: 2015
Tom Weekes QC
Call: 1995Silk: 2016
Matthew Reed QC
Call: 1995Silk: 2017
Fiona Scolding QC
Call: 1996Silk: 2017
Samantha Broadfoot QC
Call: 1997Silk: 2017
Graeme Keen QC
Call: 1995Silk: 2018
Robert Walton QC
Call: 1999Silk: 2019
Tim Buley QC
Call: 2000Silk: 2019
Scott Lyness QC
Call: 1996Silk: 2020
David Blundell QC
Call: 2001Silk: 2020
Myriam Stacey QC
Call: 1998Silk: 2021
Jenny Wigley QC
Call: 2000Silk: 2021
Gwion Lewis QC
Call: 2005Silk: 2021
Toby Watkin QC
Call: 1996Silk: 2022
Carine Patry QC
Call: 1999Silk: 2022
Galina Ward QC
Call: 2000Silk: 2022


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