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Following a public inquiry into the Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) by Birmingham City Council for the 2022 Commonwealth Games, which are to be held at Perry Barr, Birmingham, an Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State has confirmed the CPO.

The Council argued that the CPO was required to facilitate three elements: a new mixed use residential led development to serve as the residential element of the Athletes’ Village for the 2022 Commonwealth Games; significant public transport and infrastructure improvements in the Perry Barr area, including redesign of the rail station; and an ambitious post-games legacy development which will see the direct delivery of, inter alia, 2,000 new homes and 2,900 further new homes within the next 15 years.  The Commonwealth Games 2022 will run from 27 Jul 2022 to 7 Aug 2022.

Birmingham City Council was represented by John Hobson QC and Admas Habteslasie.

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