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Welsh Ministers allow appeal for 260 new homes in South Wales

DATE: 05 Oct 2017

The Welsh Ministers, on 4 October 2017, allowed an appeal against the refusal by Caerphilly Borough Council to grant permission to Redrow Homes to build 260 new homes in the town of Caerphilly in South Wales. The main issues related to highways impact, development in a Green Wedge and in a Special Landscape Area, and whether the proposed development would be sustainable.

The Welsh Ministers accepted the appellant’s argument that it was appropriate to assess traffic impact on the basis of zero background growth, given evidence provided by the appellant about historic stagnation of traffic growth notwithstanding significant new development in the area. It was further concluded that there would be no material harm to the Special Landscape Area and that the proposed development was sustainably located.

In light of these matters, as well as the chronic shortfall of housing in the Council’s area, the Welsh Ministers were satisfied that there were the necessary “very exceptional circumstances” to justify inappropriate development in the Green Wedge.

Andrew Byass appeared as sole counsel for the appellant, Redrow Homes.