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Land at Garden Farm, Blofield, Broadland District

DATE: 19 Dec 2013

This was a two day inquiry into an appeal by the Generator Group against the refusal of Broadland District Council to grant it planning permission for a 75 dwelling development on an unallocated greenfield site in Blofield. The issues included (i) the approach to be taken to quantifying the Council’s objectively assessed five year housing needs and to calculating its supply of deliverable sites, (ii) whether the scheme should be refused on grounds of prematurity pending the Council’s Site Allocations DPD, and (iii) the proper application of the presumption of sustainable development in NPPF paragraph 14. On 16 January 2014, the Inspector published his decision in which he allowed the appeal, granted permission for the development and made a full award of costs in favour of the Generator Group.

Charles Banner appeared for the Appellant, the Generator Group.