Landmark Chambers


Landmark's barristers have been involved in (and have appeared before) the ECtHR in Strasbourg in a wide range of cases, including the following subject matters:

  • Article 3 and extradition
  • Article 8 in a social housing context
  • Article 6
  • Article 8 in the context of gypsies
  • Article 8 in the context of convicted foreign nationals
  • Article 1 of the First Protocol.

The underlying issues have been very varied. They include two of the leading cases on gypsies and Article 8, and on the way Article 8 works in a social housing context. The cases have been very influential in subsequent domestic litigation at the highest level, including the Supreme Court. One case concerned the issue of whether extradition of suspected terrorists to the USA where they might if convicted be imprisoned in a “Supermax” prison, breached Article 3. Article 6 issues have arisen in the context of the Child Support scheme.

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