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Direct Access

Traditionally if you wanted to get legal advice from a barrister or you wanted a barrister to represent you at a tribunal or court hearing, you had to engage a solicitor first.  However, since 2004 the governing body of barristers, the Bar Standards Board, relaxed this requirement and created two new schemes whereby it is now possible for you to get help from a barrister without going to a solicitor first.

Licensed Access

The Bar Standards Board has licensed most professions such as surveyors, accountants, engineers, planners etc, so that a member of these professions can instruct a barrister to give legal advice or represent them or their clients at oral hearings other than in court such as planning inquiries, mediations, arbitrations, tribunals etc.  If you are a member of one of those professions, then you are permitted to instruct a barrister in these chambers as your professional body is a Licence-holder. If you cannot find your organisation on this list, there are also certain group licenses.

You can simply ring our clerks on 020 7430 1221 and they will advise you as to who would be the best barrister to help you. If you are an employed solicitor you can always come to a barrister for advice on behalf of your employer without having to go through a firm of solicitors first, and we would encourage you to do this as this helps to keep costs down.

For terms for Licensed Access Clients please click here.

Public Access

Even if you are not a member of a Licence-holder body you can still instruct certain barristers to help you in certain circumstances. The barrister will have to be licensed to act on your behalf. Not all barristers are. Further information about this scheme can be found on the Bar Council website.

Our clerks are very experienced and can advise you on which route is the right one for you. Contact any of the following and they will be pleased to help -

Kevin Squires 020 7421 1351
David Penson 020 7421 1304
Richard Bolton 020 7421 1392
Michael Gooch 020 7421 1305
Jason Allen 020 7421 1306
Jonathan Barley 020 7421 2480
Shreena Parkinson 020 7421 2481 

Our public access qualified barristers are -

John Hobson QC
Stephen Knafler QC
David Lock QC
David Holland QC
Tom Weekes QC
Fiona Scolding QC
Thomas Jefferies
Richard Langham
Christopher Jacobs
Camilla Lamont
Scott Lyness
Myriam Stacey
Stephen Whale
Katherine Olley
Jenny Wigley 
Graham Denholm
David Nicholls
Aaron Walder
Jonathan Wills 
James Neill
Richard Turney
Toby Fisher 
Richard Clarke 
Zack Simons
Matthew Dale-Harris 
Matthew Henderson