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Declan O'Callaghan

Declan O'Callaghan



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Declan has a strong interest in international law. 

He has lectured on international law matters at the University of Exeter and is currently a Visiting Scholar at the university. 

He has regularly lectured on public international law matters at various universities in England, India and Malaysia and presented lectures and seminars on human rights issues in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Canada, Malawi, Norway, Spain, Turkey, Uganda, United Arab Emirates and the United States of America as well as domestically. 

He has presented lectures on prisoners’ rights under international law in Spain and the United States. 

He has represented in a number of applications before the European Court of Human Rights, including cases originating in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey. 

Declan was a member of the International Bar Association team training Iraqi judges and prosecutors on international humanitarian law (2005-2006). 

He was a Legal Assistant in The Prosecutor v Justin Mugenzi & Others(“The Government II Case”) at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) from November to December 2008. 

He has acted as a spokesperson for the International Bar Association at a number of media events. 

Declan has presented a number of lectures and seminars on international law, both in the United Kingdom and overseas, including: 

Presented a seminar on “Capital punishment and mitigation: the perspective from Africa” at the University of Pennsylvania, USA (March 2018) 

Presented a seminar on “Lawyers and Human Rights Litigation” at McGill University, Montreal, Canada (October 2016) 

Presented a seminar on “Judicial Consideration of the Death Penalty outside of the United States of America” at the University of Oxford, International Human Rights Law summer school (July 2015) 

Presented two lectures at the “Presenting Article 3 cases before the European Court of Human Rights” conference held by Advokatforeningen, Oslo, Norway (November 2013) 

Presented a lecture on “Lawyers and Ethics” at the University of Makerere, Kampala, Uganda (October 2013) 

Presented a seminar on “Mitigation and Sentencing in Death Penalty Matters” to Supreme Court and High Court Justices, Blantyre, Malawi (November 2011) 

Presented a lecture “Article 14 ECHR, Discrimination and Culture” at the “Mainstreaming Diversity” conference held at the European Court of Human Rights on 3rd and 4th February 2010. The conference was organised by the University of Ghent, Belgium, and fellow speakers included Judge Egbert Myjer, Judge Ann Power, Judge Christos Rozakis and Judge Andras Sajo of the European Court of Human Rights (February 2011) 

Presented a lecture “The Ramifications of the Media Case: The Prosecutor v Nahimana”, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. Fellow speakers included HH Judge Howard Morrison, Judge of the ICTY (October 2009)

Presented two lectures on “The European Convention on Human Rights in Immigration Matters” at the Norges Juristforbund Den Norske Advokatforening (Norwegian Legal Training Board) conference, Oslo (October 2008) 

Presented a lecture “Is the International Criminal Court the Way Ahead” at the “Iraq, Cambodia and Beyond – Fair Trials in an International Setting Seminar”, University of Exeter (October 2007) 

Presented a lecture “Baroness Hale and Gender-Sensitivity in Refugee Law” at the Society of Legal Scholars Annual Conference, University of Durham (September 2007)