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Corporate Social Responsibility

We are modern, forward-thinking and innovative. Our internal systems and procedures are underpinned by important key philosophies:

  • We are committed to recruiting individuals from any background and we seek actively to promote equality of opportunity and a healthy work/life balance. All those who work at Landmark, whether they be barristers, pupils or staff, are treated with respect and courtesy.
  • As a responsible organisation Landmark recognises that its activities have a wider impact on the society in which it operates so we consider our collective and individual responsibilities in order to minimise our carbon footprint.
  • We are dedicated to regular charitable activity including annual fundraising events, community involvement and extensive pro bono work.


Chambers is committed to providing a workplace with equal opportunity for everyone.  We firmly believe that all who come into contact with our Chambers should be treated with dignity and respect.  Our policy is shown here for your information and we take diversity and equality issues in Chambers very seriously.

Staff and members of chambers receive training on diversity and our Diversity Committee monitors our pupillage recruitment process each year to ensure that we are not either overtly or inadvertly discriminating against one sector of applicants.  We encourage all individuals who reach the required standard and are interested in our type of work to apply to us regardless of ethnic origin, gender, age or sexual orientation. 

We participate in the Social Mobility Foundation to give students from disadvantaged backgrounds an opportunity to see life at the Bar and to encourage them to consider the law as a possible career for them when they might not otherwise do so.

Chambers supports the Bar Pro Bono Unit and FRU and a number of members of chambers are past Chairs of FRU.

View our Diversity Policy here.


We are committed to the implementation of an effective environmental management system that will not only reduce the negative impact of Chambers' activities on the environment but also increase our efficiency and effectiveness.

As a collective and as individuals, our Chambers is aware of its responsibility to minimise its carbon footprint. We implemented an independently recognised environmental standard, the Acorn BS8555 for three years, which was an  Environmental Management System is specifically dedicated for small and medium businesses and is based on the ISO14001 certification. We are now in the process of writing our own Corporate Social Responsibility policy which will encompass a Sustainability tailored to our chambers.

Our Environmental Management System aims to reduce Chambers environmental impact by complying with legislation and introducing new techniques to improve our own sustainability. It also helps us in creating a sustainable future for Chambers as well as infiltrating every level of our infrastructure in a comprehensive and effective manner. Some of the things we have already introduced are:

  • recycling of all our waste by giving members separate bins in their rooms for different types of waste;
  • reduction in electricity consumption through replacement of light bulbs with energy efficient ones;
  • reduction in water consumption by using smaller water bottles in conferences thereby eliminating throwing away half used bottles of water;
  • insistence on use of vegetable based inks on all printing;
  • use of recycled paper or paper sourced from sustainable forests; and
  • only selecting suppliers who have environmental policies.

Our sustainability policy is here for you to view. It makes sense ethically and economically and we are proud of our achievements so far but there is still room for improvement.

Please click here for our Commitment Statement and Our Environmental Policy.


Landmark’s barristers volunteer their time as guest speakers and mentors for Big Voice London, an independent youth project supported by the Supreme Court. Run by volunteers, the project aims to empower youngsters and give them a voice in legal policy.

Charitable Activity

Landmark Chambers supports a wide range of organisations through donations and charitable initiatives, including undertaking pro bono work. We have a dedicated charity budget and many of us take part in the London Legal Walk to support the city’s legal advice charities. We are also among the Bar Pro Bono Unit’s "Bronze Patrons". 

We primarily make donations to organisations doing legal or charitable work in relation to Chambers’ fields of expertise and focus on assisting those organisations whose primary focus is the promotion/provision of access to justice. Every member of Landmark contributes financially to the charitable donations made.