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A procedure in which parties are able to refer a dispute to a specialist third party for determination rather than proceeding through the courts often now has distinct advantages over litigation. Court proceedings are frequently time consuming, cumbersome and expensive and so a procedure in which the parties are free to agree how their disputes may be resolved is becoming increasing popular. The objective of arbitration is enshrined in section 1 of the Arbitration Act 1996 which refers to the fair resolution of disputes by an impartial tribunal without unnecessary delay or expense. Arbitration also allows privacy to the parties in the resolution of their dispute and can often be less formal, thereby providing much greater flexibility in timetables and in the scheduling of hearings. Recent cuts in Civil Justice and the introduction of strict mandatory cost budgets in civil litigation increase the risks of delay, poor decisions, and non-recovery of costs even if the case is won. Arbitration is therefore an increasingly attractive option.

What We Can Offer

It is against the background of the increasing importance of arbitration in dispute resolution that the Landmark Chambers Property Arbitration Group has been established.

At Landmark Chambers we have considerable expertise in the field of arbitration. We can offer expertise in the following areas:

  • Experienced arbitrators in the property and construction fields
  • International commercial arbitration
  • Active current mediation experience
  • Adjudication under the Construction Act
  • Advice on challenges to arbitration decisions.

The arbitrators at Landmark have considerable specialist knowledge of many different sectors, and details of their individual fields are provided below.

We are also able to provide arbitration expertise in relation to domestic and international arbitrations and at different levels of seniority.

We have standard terms and conditions which we are happy to provide on request together also with model arbitration agreements.

Arbitration hearings can also be arranged to take place at Landmark Chambers and details of our facilities can be obtained from the clerks at Landmark.

The Arbitration Group:

Neil Cameron QC
John Male QC
David Elvin QC
Katharine Holland QC
Nicholas Taggart 
Toby Watkin
David Nicholls